YAP10's Ingenious Wordplay Goes Viral Worldwide After Epic Battle with EPI


6/22/20231 min read

In a gripping rap battle between YAP10 and Epi, YAP10's clever line, "Mənim Boyum olsa da 1,50, səni qaldıraram yuxarı 1,50" ("even if your height is 1.50 meters, I will push you up 1.50"), became the talk of the town. Despite being taunted for his short stature during the battle, YAP10 ingeniously turned the tables, embracing and leveraging his height as an advantage.

This particular segment went viral worldwide, especially in Turkey, where it caught fire across social media platforms. The rap line catapulted YAP10's popularity, with the project gaining immense traction. The hashtag related to this segment on TikTok alone has amassed over 100 million views.

However, Epi, despite being considered a favorite, faltered in the battle due to an apparent lack of preparation. Despite initial expectations, fans' votes swung in favor of YAP10, resulting in Epi's defeat. YAP10's strategic use of his perceived disadvantage and Epi's unpreparedness turned the tide of the battle, showcasing the unpredictable nature of rap competitions. Even amidst YAP10's soaring popularity post-battle, the unexpected defeat of the favored Epi remains a significant highlight of the event.